The bearded boob Paul Krugman lays the blame for the Holocaust museum shooting on everyone to the right of Karl Marx.

Meanwhile, the AP heaves blame on anyone who doesn't light a candle before a hand-painted portrait of Barack Obama.

According to the AP writer Jesse Washington: "The potential for an increase in violence from whites... is high, people from across the ideological spectrum say."

"People from across the ideological spectrum?" You mean you, Jesse.

And so the lefty media is doing exactly what they accuse the right of doing: Fomenting hate against people they disagree with.

Does the "far right" do this? I haven't heard anyone say the American soldier's murder by the American jihadist was Keith Olbermann's fault. And remember the Beltway shooter? Still not a peep about his motivations. Wonder why.

Now witness the Holocaust shooting coverage: It's saddled with pronouncements concerning a national trend of "desperate" white men.

Of course, for this to make sense, the writer must ignore the Jewish hate from the left, including our president's own preacher. The fact that the pathetic killer also hated Bush can't be mentioned either.

Forget "white hate," it's ideological. And it's sad that the only way to combat conservative logic is to tarnish it with accusations of racism.

My only conclusion is that this is a hate campaign perpetrated by the leftist media to create a violent race war.

The good news is, I think I can take Krugman. I've been doing Pilates.

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