Korn Raising Awareness... of Their Tour

I got a press release from Korn — the band, not the yellow vegetable — claiming they were going to boycott BP fuel during their summer tour. They said they were "motivated" by the disaster to keep evil BP gas out of their vehicles.

This ruffled my undies.

As Penn Jillette notes, this kind of posturing stinks of self-importance. I mean, after a massive tragedy that cost lives, the last people anyone wants to hear from are big-time rock stars or Korn.

I mean, I guess you can use the whole "raising awareness" thing, but we already know BP is an oil company and oil is leaking and leaking oil is bad. Calling for a boycott is sillier than dreadlocks on a whiny, middle-aged white guy.

Anyway, I asked Korn if they thought they might be using this catastrophe as a PR angle to advertise their tour. They answered me. They said they weren't pimping their tour, their ticket sales are fine. But if that's the case, why would they mention in the "boycott" press release that: "Korn will spend their summer as a headliner on the third annual Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Festival playing in 14,000 to 30,000 seat amphitheaters."

Maybe it was to let the postman know, so he'll hold their mail.

Anyway, they also said that they, "just want it to cost these corporations more.... That way... future lives are saved."

OK, at least Korn is doing something that's capitalistic: They're taking their business elsewhere and getting press for it to boot. I'm sure those folks at Citgo and Lukoil will appreciate the business.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who still listens to nu-metal.

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