"Here's Johnny!"

"Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!"

"Welcome to the O.C., b**ch."

It takes flair and attitude to invent a great TV catch phrase, and with today's audience attention span pulled in so many directions over so many TV channels, the era of the classic catch phrase is fading fast.

PHOTOS: Top 10 TV catch phrases of all time.

Over on "Grey's Anatomy" – which celebrated its season finale last week – catch-phrasing has been going strong since practically episode one, thanks to gems like "McDreamy/McSteamy," "va-jay-jay," and "I'm going to Denver."

But would any of those "Gray's" phrases end up on an all-time top 10 of the most memorable TV catch phrases?

They would have to displace one these 10 classics to make the cut.