King: McCain Needs Lieberman to Win

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: CAVUTO: John McCain needs Joe Lieberman to win? Well, that's what my next guest is saying. Senator Lieberman is pro-choice. He was on the Democratic ticket in 2000. He represents a blue state.

So, why is Republican Peter King calling Lieberman the perfect choice?

Explain, Congressman.

REP. PETER KING (R-NY), HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE RANKING MEMBER: Neil, first of all, I think that John McCain, as our nominee, should have the prerogative to pick whoever he wants for vice president.

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And I'm saying that Joe Lieberman would be an ideal selection, because the overriding issues facing our country today are Islamic terrorism. And nobody — nobody — is stronger than Joe Lieberman, both as far as the overseas threat and the threat right here at home and seeing the interrelationship between the two.

And I know that there are many pro-life people in the party who are opposed to Joe Lieberman, who say they're opposed to him. Now, I'm 100 percent pro-life. My voting record has been consistently pro-life. But the fact is that John McCain and — versus Barack Obama will be the clearest choice ever, I believe, on abortion, with John McCain being entirely pro-life and Barack Obama being the most pro-choice candidate...

CAVUTO: Well, leave — evenly allowing those issues out of it, you know people are going to say two old guys against, conceivably, a young guy and maybe another young guy, or a young woman, and it's just not going to fly.


First of all, I — I think that the American people are looking for experience. They're looking for something that's different. And real change is having a top Republican and a top independent Democrat running.

And, you know, when people look at Georgia, and they look at the situation with Islamic terrorism, especially now with the Russian incursion, the Russian invasion of Georgia, they know we need serious players at the table. And I ask — I would rather have John McCain and Joe Lieberman on our side of the table, with, you know, and Putin, who is the other side.

And, so, I think Lieberman — just Joe Lieberman adds to that the strength, the experience, and a guy of unquestioned integrity, and just really an outstanding American.

CAVUTO: Do you think Republicans...

KING: It also makes him not just a Democrat — yes, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

CAVUTO: But I'm wondering, Congressman, it's — it's — we focus so much of the division among the Democrats, that Republicans have a lot of agita, too, that the conservatives of the party are still not really sanguine on McCain, but, you know, they're kind of going along, and that this would be kind of rubbing salt in it.

KING: Again, that's why — that's the point I'm making.

I consider myself conservative and certainly pro-life. And I'm saying that Joe Lieberman, on the major issues, certainly involving Islamic terrorism, which is the overriding issue of our time, foreign policy, which Russia has now made a major issue in this campaign and a major challenge for whoever the next president is over the next four years, Joe Lieberman best measures up, more than anyone in either party, as vice presidential candidate, or, quite frankly, as a presidential candidate.

CAVUTO: Interesting.

Congressman Peter King, always great having you. Thank you.

KING: Neil, thank you.


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