Kiefer Sutherland says taking the whole "24" operation to Africa to film the big kickoff to the show's 7th season "was like a bunch of third graders going on their first field trip." And Monday night, Sutherland and members of the cast and crew got to recount their favorite field trip memories at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, where the resulting photography exhibit, "24: Redemption – Captured in Africa," was on display.

Sutherland took many of the photographs in "Redemption," and said he was moved by his time away from home. "There were so many things I experienced in South Africa that are so vastly different from my life experience here," he tells Fox News. "I just loved photographing the people. For instance, you would have these children that would exhibit this unbelievable joy and friendliness, and yet they’re living in this abject poverty, and that kind of really shatters your sense of perspective about everything that we have here."

"24" director Jon Cassar also turned out for the exhibit, and had nothing but raves for the actors they worked with in South Africa. "When it comes to the [South African] people, there’s no way we could have matched that [in Los Angeles]," he explained. "The enthusiasm that these young actors had was really special, and I think they make the show what it is."

Cassar also gave some hints at what fans have to look forward to this year. "First of all, you’re not going to see CTU, so that’s quite different," he tells Fox News. "We’re [also] kind of attacking the torture issue head on. It’s something that we’ve been criticized for for many years, and it’s very controversial, so we’re going to attack it right from the beginning. Jack’s on trial for the things that CTU has done that have been 'off book,' so we deal with that straight on. We also have a female president this year played by Cherry Jones. So it’s the same '24,' but there are some differences."

The special 2-hour "24" event "Redemption" premieres November 23 on Fox at 8pm EST.