'Kid Notorious,' Arnold vs. Arnold and Costner's Comeback

A Notorious Kid, Arnold vs. Arnold and Costner's latest comeback in the Foxlight.

As great as he was telling his own story in "The Kid Stays In The Picture," Robert Evans is reportedly even snarkier in his new cartoon series coming to Comedy Central. The New York Post got a hold of an early episode of "Kid Notorious," and said it's living up to it's name, hilariously dissing everyone from Sharon Stone to The Godfather III and The Golden Globes.

I just hope this whole thing isn't too inside Bel Air for the rest of the country.

I have to give Jimmy Kimmel credit. He has the best line about the whole California governor race: It's about Arnold but not Schwarzenegger. The other Arnold in the race. He wants to know where Gary Coleman got $3,500.

Finally, Kevin Costner's new movie is called "Open Range," because that's where he'll stick his head the Monday after this thing premieres if it's not a hit. I'm pulling for you, Postman. Break a leg and some box office records.