Key Interviews From the Scott Peterson Trial

From Laci Peterson's disappearance, to the arrest and trial of her husband Scott, no one has covered the Scott Peterson case as thoroughly as "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren."

Here's your chance to review some of the key moments and Greta's exclusive interviews as the case continues to twist and turn:

• 1/23/2003: Lee Peterson: 'It's a Nightmare'

• 1/24/2003: Close Friend of Scott Peterson Talks

• 2/11/2003: Laci Peterson's Family Speak Out

• 2/19/2003: A Mother's Pain: Jackie Peterson Weighs In

• 6/12/2003: Laci's Friends Break Their Silence

• 8/13/2003: Does Artwork Support Scott Peterson's Defense?

• 11/17/2003: Was Laci Peterson's Son Born Alive?

• 12/11/2003: Peterson's Jailhouse Exchange

• 6/1/2004: Amber Frey's Attorney Talks About the Peterson Trial

• 6/4/2004: Amber Frey's Dad: Peterson Is 'Lying His Head Off'

• 8/19/2004: Possible Reasons for Peterson Trial Delay

• 10/27/2004: Examining the Evidence

• 11/11/2004: Musical Chairs at the Peterson Trial

• 11/14/2004: Inside the Courtroom: The Peterson Verdict

• 12/13/2004: Peterson Jury Foreman Speaks Out