True confession: I won't be in on Monday. The bosses gave me a day off.

But on Tuesday we may just have some political news: It's been reported that John Kerry (search ) may announce who he'll choose as his running mate.

So here's my question: Who would be the best pick? Do you see any weak spots in Kerry that a V.P. could compensate for? (This question is not just for Kerry supporters -- I'd like to hear from all of you, regardless of political persuasion...)

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Happy 4th -- and remember our soldiers this holiday weekend.


Thursday, July 1: Fair Play?

I just heard from Saddam's lawyer, or one of them, anyway (seems there are two competing law firms here). This particular lawyer is American and e-mailed me his reaction to Saddam's indictment Thursday.

Here's part of what he said:

"The appearance of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, Iraq, to hear vague charges and still without access to his lawyers emphasizes the U.S.' and the new Iraqi interim government's continued unwillingness to respect the most basic principles of international law. The appearance highlights... that the court hearings will not be fair, and that the court is neither impartial nor independent."

He goes on to say, "The United States government's decision to go ahead with the transfer [of legal custody of Saddam] is more evidence of the United States' hostility toward the rule of law..."

There's more, but this is the basic gist.  What do you think?

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I'm planning to have this lawyer on Friday's “DaySide” -- I may use your comments on the air.


Wednesday, June 30: Why Do They Do It?

Do you ever wonder what makes someone become a suicide bomber?

Ever see the carnage in Iraq, or Israel and wonder how someone can be so brainwashed that they volunteer to blow themselves up and take innocent people (including little children) along with them?

A documentary filmmaker who spent time with would-be suicide bombers will be on “DaySide” Thursday, talking about what he found when talking with these young men in jail. But here's a headline: He says it comes down to hate, fear, self-loathing and... sex.

This filmmaker, Tom Roberts, spoke not only with suiciders (they tried but failed to carry out their plots); he also talked with a guy who recruits teenage boys for this murderous job; and he talked with a guy who assembles the explosive belts.

I'm curious to know what you think (questions included). One question I have for Tom is: These kids don't really buy the nonsense that 72 virgins await them in paradise if they blow themselves up, do they?

Send me your questions/comments to pass on to Tom. I'll put as many as I can on the air. As always, the address is: dayside@foxnews.com


P.S. On the lighter side, Mickey Dolenz (formerly of the Monkees) is on the show as well, with stories of what it was REALLY like inside the first pre-fab boy band. Any of you Monkees fans out there? (Besides me. Take the Last Train to Clarksville....)

Monday, June 28: Are You a Howard Stern Swing Voter?

This is something I'm working on for Tuesday’s “DaySide”:

Monday, The New York Times suggests that 21 percent of voters are undecided about whom to elect president this year (according to a new study by the nonpartisan Pew Center). According to The Times, many of these undecided voters listen to shock jock Howard Stern — who has been railing against President Bush and telling listeners constantly to vote him out of office.

As you may know, Stern is angry at the FCC for cracking down on stations broadcasting a show of his, in which there was much talk of anal sex and... well... let's just say "bodily sound effects.”

Anyway — the “DaySide” Weblog is in no way an official poll... but I'd like to hear from any of you out there who are "undecided" about this election. Why are you still on the fence? What questions in your mind have not been answered by either candidate?

Also — if you've been listening to Howard Stern on his radio show as he's railing against the Bush administration — I'm just curious: Does what Stern says influence what you think about Bush, or Kerry for that matter? Let me know what you think.

And yes, the e-mail is working again — it got overloaded over the weekend — dayside@foxnews.com