One day after the seven Democratic contenders for president faced off in their final debate before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary (search), a new poll released Friday shows John Kerry still surging ahead of the pack.

The latest Boston Globe/WBZ tracking poll showed that the Massachusetts senator has opened a 15-point lead over former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean among New Hampshire primary voters. The showing was 5 percentage points better than in the poll released Thursday.

Kerry won 34 percent of the voters surveyed, while Dean dropped 2 points to 19 percent, according to the survey of 400 people. Retired Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark had 14 percent, North Carolina Sen. John Edwards 11 and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman 3 percent.

Kerry's climb: Can he keep it up?

A sample of your responses:

No he can not!  Kerry and Dean are on ego trips. Edwards is too inexperienced ... Liberman is the real deal, unfortunately he won't go anywhere. Having said all that, I would be scared to death if any of them make it to the White House! The only "fighting" in them would be funding Headstart!

You betcha!  He's has every qualification to be a great president and will unseat Bush!
Barbara N.
Port Jervis, NY

Sen. Lierberman just distinguished himself on your show as the "only" Democratic choice for nonmination.  His admitted support for the Iraq situation and the funding of it, shows his belief in an already proven method of dealing with terrorism; not only in the U.S. but also worldwide. This is the main factor that the voter is looking at, stopping these attacks. The other candidates acknowledge they will try a different approach which i don't believe the voter wants to hear.
Tom K.

Kerry has risen because he has received the bounce from Iowa. Kerry has also focused on issues and have tried to make himself look less of a flip-flopper and this is working. By the combination of the Iowa win and the refocus on the issues, he has risen in the polls at the expense of Dean and Clark.
Sean G.
Sydney, Australia

Who cares if he, or Dean or Clark is soaring.  When they speak bad about Bush it is hate that comes out of the jealousy they feel because they know that Bush is doing a wonderful job as our president.
A. Bitar
Miami, FL

John Kerry isn't the only one to receive more than one purple hart in Vietnam. I am not the only Vietnam Vet to feel he sold us down the river by his protests while we were serving our country.
Ernest B.
Prudhoe Bay, AK

Kerry can keep the lead because so many won't look at his true record. He looks moderate compared to the others.
Lee D.
Topeka, KS

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