An Internet site that Indiana businessman Kerry Edwards started two years ago has become hot property.

Edwards, 34, of Indianapolis, started his kerryedwards.com Web site two years ago to show off photos of his toddler son. But interest in the site boomed Tuesday after Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (search) named John Edwards (search) as his running mate.

Calls have been coming into Kerry Edwards' bail bonds business from people asking to take over the site. One of the first inquiries came from John Kerry's campaign, who asked if the Indianapolis man would donate the domain name.

Kerry Edwards, who pays about $25 a year for the domain, says he won't give up the Web site for free and has received offers of up to $30,000 for the name.

He says he will probably place the domain name for sale on eBay. "I'll sell it if the price is right, that's for sure," he said.