Presumed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry (search) has been attacking President Bush over gas prices. That "two bucks a gallon" line is a sure-fire winner for anybody who thinks he can say, "It's not my fault."

But Kerry should pipe down.

As a huge supporter of the enviros who have Washington D.C. in a stranglehold, Kerry is partially responsible for one of the reasons gas prices are so high: The U.S. hasn't built new refinery capacity in decades.

Refineries are now chugging along at 95% capacity, meaning if something breaks, gas prices will go up because there will be a shortage for a short time.

The other part of high gas prices, of course, is high crude prices. Kerry had a hand in that too, because he has not supported opening the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (search) to sane and clean and manageable oil development.

In February, Kerry said he was actually going to open ANWR. Good. Hope that's not him flip-flopping again.

Then he and Bush agree that ANWR should be opened now. Not one single American soldier has to die to protect oil inside our own borders. By the way, greenies... pumping some oil won't hurt the caribou at all.

So maybe if Kerry wants labor's support — guys who build things like pipelines and refineries — we'll have a sane approach to energy instead of environmental tyrrany.

Okay, fine. Make Detroit do better on gas mileage, but don't think that alone will solve our shortage and high price problem.

That's My Word.

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