Democrat John Kerry (search) reminded his hometown supporters at a $3 million fund-raiser Saturday night that he's come from behind to win elections before.

"Let me tell you something, these folks have got me in fighting mood," Kerry said of rival President Bush's (search) campaign. "When I get in a fighting mood towards the end of September and towards the beginning of October, I think you know what happens here in Massachusetts."

The crowd of donors, which included Democrats from the state's congressional delegation and other statewide elected officials, rose to its feet cheering, with several people pumping their fists in the air boxer-style.

Bush opened a lead over Kerry in polls taken after the Republican National Convention (search) earlier this month, but some recent surveys show the race tightening again.

Kerry has had several close races before in his home state, dating back to his slim victory in the 1982 primary for lieutenant governor up to a come-from-behind win against Republican William Weld in 1996.

"I feel those October juices flowing," Kerry said. "And I've been at this for a while and when those juices get flowing, I feel good. Let me tell you, we feel it happening."

Bruce Percelay, a national vice chairman of Kerry's campaign, told the crowd they raised $3 million for the Democratic National Committee's (search) presidential campaign fund. The campaign said the donations came from 1,200 people.

Also on Saturday, Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, taped a 30-minute segment for the "Dr. Phil" show at Boston's Four Seasons hotel. The show, which also features Dr. Phil McGraw (search) and his wife, Robin, was on parenting and is scheduled to air Oct. 6.

There was no studio audience and the taping was closed to the press. Kerry promoted the show at his fund-raiser.

"It was fun to be with a prominent Texan who tells the truth," he joked.

President Bush and his wife have also taped a segment, set to air Sept. 29, according to the Kerry campaign.