Just days after John Kerry (search) introduces himself to voters at the Democratic National Convention (search), his campaign will stop the television ads aimed at shaping his image.

"It's certainly our present intention right now not to be advertising during the month of August because, you know, we want to be able to compete with the president and his campaign as we get closer to the election," said Kerry campaign spokesman Tad Devine.

But Kerry's campaign is limited by federal election law, which says candidates who want federal funds must use only those funds once they get their party's presidential nomination.

Republicans decided to hold their convention in New York, near the annual commemoration of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. That gives them nearly five more weeks to use money earned during primary season.

"They get their $75 million check from the federal government on Thursday, and they'll have to spend that 75 million over 12 weeks. We'll spend our 75 million over 7 weeks," said Ralph Reed, who is running the Southeast strategy for the Bush-Cheney (search) re-election team.

Still, Democrats won't be totally left behind. Several "527" groups (search) — named after their description in the tax code — will buy the ads the Kerry campaign can't afford. So far, they've raised three times as much as their Republican counterparts.

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