Kerry Camp Chair Urges 'Grass Roots Army'

Jeanne Shaheen, the chairwoman of John Kerry's campaign, on Sunday urged a group of cheering women at a forum sponsored by the United Steel Workers of America (search) to help spread his message regarding the economy, trade and health care. She also asked for their help registering potential voters for what she called a "grass-roots army."

"We really do need your help 'cause this campaign and this election is gonna be won, I think, not by the campaign that spends the most money," said Shaheen, a former New Hampshire governor. "We are going to need your help in building that grass roots army that's going to win this election."

At the forum on election issues for working women from industrial states, Shaheen also asked the several hundred women in attendance to make sure their neighbors are registered to vote, to volunteer with the union and to write letters to their local newspapers and to call in to radio shows to demonstrate support for and to "correct the record" about Kerry.

"I know it's hard, but listen to Rush Limbaugh (search)," Shaheen said of the conservative radio host as the audience laughed.