Kelsey Grammer (search) has an eye toward politics, but right now he's focused on helping his ailing wife.

The former "Frasier" (search) star's wife, Camille, picked up a parasite last year in Italy, he said. Grammer was in Washington for an inaugural event honoring the military, but returned home quickly after.

"My wife was very ill over the summer and we're still kind of recouping her health, so I'm needed at the house," Grammer told AP Radio.

"She picked up a really terrible bug in Italy. It almost killed her," he said, adding that it will take her "about a year" to recover.

Grammer and his wife were married in 1997.

A supporter of President Bush, the actor is considering running for political office one day.

"I come from a family that is traditionally in service. I've always felt an obligation to spend some time in service to the country."

Will the old barmate from "Cheers" be on ballots soon? Not likely.

Grammer won't run until, he says, "no one really thinks I'm doing it because I'm out of an acting job. The truth is, it would probably be easily another decade, maybe 20 (years)."