Kelly Ripa's definitely not a Claymate.

The talk show host went off on Aiken Monday morning on "Live With Regis and Kelly," saying "I don't think he was respectful in any way." She said Aiken was hostile toward her when they shared co-hosting duties on Friday's show.

She especially took issue with Aiken putting his hands over her mouth during an interview. She said you don't do that, even if it's for a laugh.

Ripa told Clay his actions were a "no, no," adding "I don't know where that hand's been, honey."

Regis Philbin said he's shocked the pair didn't hit it off, saying, "In my wildest dreams would I ever think that one day you would have a feud with Clay Aiken."

On The View" Tuesday, Rosie O'Donnell said Ripa's remark about Aiken's hand was homophobic. Aiken has been dogged by speculation about his sexuality but he's never answered.

In a call to "The View" Tuesday, Ripa blasted O'Donnell's comment as "outrageous." She said Aiken's actions were disrespectful and unprofessional -- and that he was spreading germs, since he'd just shaken hands with a lot of audience members.