Katrina's Silver Lining

There is no way to gloss over the horror of what happened with Katrina (search), but it would be horrible not to see the good that's coming as a result of Katrina.

Thousands are homeless, but thousands more are offering homes and new lives for those homeless.

Oil prices are up, but more oil is being made available, from Europe, from OPEC (search), from us... so the last couple of days, oil prices have been coming down.

There's no denying a lot of jobs are gone, but there's no denying a federal hiring program is going to encourage more hiring later.

And there's no denying our country's GDP is going to get hit this year, but there's no denying from history that rebuilding will likely strengthen that GDP "next" year. Just like costs — they're high. But one solace from this mess is that Alan Greenspan (search) isn't about to move interest rates still higher.

There is much that went wrong with Katrina. There is nothing that went wrong with American generosity.

We give 'til it hurts, even as we all hurt. Knowing well, we'll survive the hurt. And thrive, after the hurt.

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