Katrina Batters Alabama Shrimp Industry

The ripple effect of Hurricane Katrina (search) continues to spread across the Gulf Coast, and the latest victim is the Alabama Gulf shrimp business, where men and women who rely on the $450 million shrimp and seafood industry have found their lives torn apart.

All along the coast, Katrina left the shrimp and shellfish industry in shambles with big shrimp boats washed ashore and processing plants and processing docks wrecked.

“Everybody's income has just about stopped,” said dock worker Fred Nelson. “The storm has devastated everything.”

Shrimp fishermen say that due to the high cost of diesel fuel and the relatively low cost of shrimp on the open market, there is very little profit for individual shrimp fishermen.

In addition, since the hurricane many restaurants and retailers have begun looking elsewhere for shrimp.

Still, many along the Alabama bayou say that despite the devastation, they will rebuild.

“This town will make it,” said Nelson. “It always has.”

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