Good news for the millions of men out there that wouldn’t mind dating Kate Hudson — the stunning blonde has just one pre-requisite and that is leave your ego at the door.

"I’m not a judgmental person, if I had a checklist it would be dangerous and I would probably date nobody," Hudson recently told Tarts. "I think that’s an egotistical approach and egos ruin relationships. You have to be open to everyone."

Well, almost everyone — there is one guy out there somewhere who didn’t get much of a chance to prove himself to the A-list actress…

"There was one date where I left before we even got food, the guy was just so deeply boring," she said. "I think he was in banking."

Speaking of dates (or lack-there-of), Hudson also said she isn’t so skilled in that area and claims to have only dated three people (Owen Wilson, Dax Sheppard and Lance Armstrong) since divorcing rocker Chris Robinson in 2006.

"I got married so young, when I was only 21 and was married for seven years so I don’t know that much about the dating game. I’ve only dated three people in two-and-a-half years, the big transition for me after being married was actually living alone," the "My Best Friend’s Girl" star said. "Now I love it but the transition of getting there was different and it was hard to settle into it."

Motherhood has also had challenging aspects that the 29-year-old has had to settle into — and one of particular importance is curbing her foul-mouth.

"I can talk about some inappropriate things, I can throw out some pretty bad words, but now I have a son I try not to do it so much," Hudson added.

Report: Marisa Miller Snubbed by Hugh Hefner, Carrie Underwood's $3 Million Playboy Offer a Fantasy

She topped Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 List and she’s earning the big bucks as a "Victoria’s Secret" Angel, but apparently it hasn’t always been a stream of success for supermodel Marisa Miller.

According to Page Six, Miller was rejected from Playboy Magazine before she hit the big time as Hef’s peeps didn’t think she had the necessary goods to be a bunny or Playmate. Hmm, looks like Playboy made a boo-boo on that one.

A rep for Miller did not respond for comment.

As for the murmurs that Carrie Underwood was offered $3 million to pose nude for the men's mag — it looks like that was all fiction ... or fantasy. According to a spokesman for Playboy, they don't offer anybody that much dosh to bare their body no matter who they are and Underwood's rep was quick to shoot down the reports as "totally false."

Naomi Campbell Still a Snob, Paris Hilton Movin’ On

Naomi Campbell has spent the past week in Miami for the annual Art of Basel happenings, even hosting her own lavish affair to unveil the Naomi Campbell Retrospective which chronicles her extensive career as a supermodel.

But all diva behavior was well hidden throughout the entire week as she attended numerous high-profile parties, was more than happy to pose for pics, talk to press and was particularly polite to all patrons, workers and fans.

But when the cameras weren’t rolling it seems Naomi is still well, Naomi.

We’re told Campbell’s former booker at her New York agency (with whom she worked very closely for many years) ran into the British beauty on the beach, but got no love.

"She totally ignored him," said our source. "He kept trying to say hi because they were quite close but she wouldn’t even look his way." Ouch.

Also causing chaos in Miami was the newly-single Paris Hilton. Even though she and Benji Madden parted ways only a few weeks ago, the perennial party princess was on a man hunt while hosting a bash with sister Nicky at hotspot Karu & Y.

According to our inside source, Hilton asked the club organizers to find her a hot guy for the night but wasn't pleased with the prospects they presented and went home man-free.

Insecure Beyonce Leaves Set with Swollen Eyes

Beyonce Knowles certainly had some challenging shoes to fill by playing the legendary Etta James in the upcoming "Cadillac Records," and the task took its toll on the world-renowned performer.

"I walked off set and went home at night with swollen eyes and very grouchy women," Beyonce told Tarts. "I definitely was — let’s just say after the movie I said I have to go and make me a bunch of love songs and get back into my own life."

It is no wonder the "Irreplaceable" singer battled the blues while working on the film given that she was spending so much of her spare time with real heroin addicts to prepare for the part.

"I went to go visit the Phoenix house and I met a lot of women that were recovering heroin addicts and it was really interesting to understand the need of the addiction," Knowles said. "I had to tap into things in my life that gave me as much pain which was something that taught me a lot about myself."

Even though the music mogul and her hubby Jay-Z just topped the Annual Forbes Highest-Earning Couples list after boosting the bank balance with an estimated $162 million collectively in the past year, Beyonce insisted she is just like you and me.

"I have many challenges like everyone else, I'm no different. I'm human you know, I have my insecurities," she said. "I'm a vulnerable, emotional person but I can't complain, I'm very blessed and fortunate."

Pop Tarts spies also spotted Beyonce and her wealthy hubby having dinner at Miami’s new Fountainbleu Hotel on Friday. The music moguls were approached for a pic from some excited fans but while Jay-Z said he was happy to be in the picture, he told them he wouldn’t pose.

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