Scaredy Kate, Regis has had enough "Friends," Arnold's suits and "24" keeps getting better in today's Foxlight.

Kate Beckinsale (search) says even though she's been in movies like "Van Helsing," she's too nervous to watch scary movies. Get this -- she says she hasn't even seen "The Lion King." What's scary is the box office from her last movie -- the stinkeroo "Underworld."

Regis Philbin (search) speaks for all of us, I think, when he said on his "Live" program Wednesday, "I am so tired of saying goodbye to 'Friends.' Get it over with already." His Central Perk-y sidekick Kelly agreed.

A judge is considering a request from Arnold Schwarzenegger's (search) lawyer to throw out that libel lawsuit filed by a Hollywood stuntwoman. This is the same woman who tried to stop Schwarzenegger from becoming Governator by claiming he groped her while they were working on "Terminator 2" and "True Lies." Schwarzenegger's lawyer asks, "Why would this woman come forward 13 years after the alleged event, the day before the election, with a press conference?"

Meanwhile, Gov. Schwarzenegger is making good on another threat. He's suing a company over a bobblehead doll with his face. The makers of the bobbleheads say Schwarzenegger is a public political figure and therefore he can no longer control his image.

Finally, I know I am always flogging Fox's "24," (search) but just when you think it can't get any better, it does.