I say give Karl Rove (search) a medal, even if Bush has to fire him.

Why? Because Valerie Plame (search) should have been outed by somebody. And if nobody else had the cojones to do it, I'm glad Rove did — if he did do it, and he still says he didn't.

Why should she have been outed? Well despite her husband's repeated denials, even in the face of a pile of evidence and conclusions from a Senate investigation, it appears all evidence points to Joe Wilson's wife, spy Valerie Plame, as the one who recommended him for the job of going to Niger to discover is Saddam was trying to buy nuke bomb materials.

Why is this important? Because Wilson was opposed to the war in Iraq, opposed to Bush policy, and pointedly and loudly said so.

Consequently, it was of some interest how he got chosen for this sensitive job which people at the time might have thought would be a fulcrum point for a decision about the war.

You wouldn't send a peacenik to see if we should go to war, if we need to go to war, now would you?

That's exactly what happened, and as they say in the news biz: Inquiring minds wanted to know, "How the heck did this happen?"

Well, turns out the wife did it.

She touted husband Joe, her CIA bosses bit, and off Wilson went to completely knock down any notion Saddam wanted Niger's nuke bomb making stuff, which is called yellow cake.

Problem is, the report of the Select Committee on Intelligence says the information showed no such thing. That, in fact, it was still a bit of a mystery and Saddam could well have been trying to buy the nuke bomb material.

So why should Rove get a medal?

Let's just assume that spy Valerie Plame knew her husband's attitudes about the war in Iraq and George W. Bush's policies. Sending him off to Niger could be regarded as an attempt to influence national policies.

Where I come from, we want to know who that is. We do not want secret spymasters pulling the puppet strings in the background. That is something that should be out in the open and the person doing it should own up to it.

Rove should get a medal — if he did what he says he didn't.

That's My Word.

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