Is Nick Harris "Superman"? His neighbor Ashlyn Hough sure thinks so, after Harris reportedly saved the girl by lifting a car off her.

Harris was driving home after dropping his daughter off at school when he saw Ashlyn, 6, hit by a car that was backing out of a driveway. Ashlyn fell under the car, and Harris leaped to her rescue, according to Fox4KC.com.

"I just seen a child get hit, pushed into the street and rolled underneath the car," Harris told the TV station. "I grabbed the car, picked it up and pushed and moved it out of the way."

He's not quite sure how he lifted the Mercury sedan off the child.

"I've tried four or five times since then, (and) I can't do it, it's impossible," said Harris. "Christmas miracle, I guess."

Kristen Hough said Friday that her daughter Ashlyn was treated for minor injuries afterward.

There were no witnesses to confirm the incident last week. But Ottawa police say Ashlyn told them it happened. Lt. Adam Weingartner says he didn't have anything to dispute the account.

Weingartner says it appeared Ashlyn wasn't pinned under the car long enough to be seriously hurt.

Ottawa is 50 miles southwest of Kansas City, Mo.

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