Officials are worried that Kansas City's Major League football and baseball teams may be forced to leave because of budget deficits.

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders has reported an $85 million budget shortfall that needs to be taken care of by the end of the month and may force the Chiefs and the Royals to go elsewhere, according to KMBC.com.

To relieve the deficit, Mayor Mark Funkhouser has proposed a budget that would eliminate the nearly $2 million the city spends annually on the Truman Sports Complex, the station said.

If the proposal is passed, the city will pull the yearly contribution, breaking the lease on the sports complex with no guarantee of keeping the two teams.

"This came with no notice to us. We were unaware that this was even going to be an issue," Sanders said in a radio interview. "Those leases are now gone. … We would be on a tightrope or a high wire with no safety net."

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