Justice Forgotten

Another busy week for "The Lineup" mailbag. Will the personal attacks against the Duke rape accuser have a lasting effect? Should she be prosecuted if she's found to have lied about the whole incident? We'll go in-depth and inside the Duke lacrosse rape case this weekend. You won't want to miss it!

E-mail No. 1

Kimberly, I have HAD IT with the SMEARING, character assassination of the Duke rape case victim! It absolutely makes me SICK to my stomach to watch all of this going on! What woman is EVER going to want to report a rape ever again after all of this?!?! It is totally APPALLING! Although I live in Portland Oregon, I was raised part of my life right down the road from Duke, in Chapel Hill, N.C. It's a "good ole BOYS" network down there and this poor woman has been thrown to those same wolves!
Holly Barrett Portland, Oregon

ANSWER: I too am concerned that, if these claims are credible, the personal attacks against the victim will have a chilling effect on other victims. This reminds me of the Kobe Bryant case, where the victim was put on trial in the media and by the defense, with the ensuing result of her that she dropped the case. Emotions are running high in this case on both sides, and my fear is that justice will be forgotten along the way.

E-mail No. 2

When I learned about this on Sunday night, I was deeply disgusted and scared out of my mind. How could a monster like this walk among everyone else and no one ever have a clue who he really was? It will be forever a tragedy that Jamie's life was lost, but at least all can rest assured that a future serial killer was stopped. Please let Jamie's family and friends know that my heart bleeds for them. All of America will mourn for Jamie and her family.

And may the death penalty be used on Kevin Underwood. I've always fully supported the death penalty and I feel like if one case deserved the death penalty, this would be the case.

Please let Jamie's family know that if they need anything, to please contact me.
Lindsey McCall
Little Rock, Arkansas

ANSWER: Thank you so much for your email. I couldn't agree with you more. Please take heart in the fact that at least he was caught before he could cause harm to anyone else. Cases like this are never easy, and they cause us as a country to become all too aware of the danger of child predators. I think the most important lesson to learn from this is if you see a suspicious person in the area, do not be afraid to speak up and notify the authorities. You just may be saving the life of an innocent child.

E-mail No. 3

I ran a quick GOOGLE search of Tattoo parlor's in the Santa Rosa area and found at least 10 shops immediately. A lot of these Tattoo parlors keep records of designs rendered. Some are "STOCK DESIGNS" others are "CUSTOM DESIGNS". Shop owners often possess info relating to customers, especially if the person requests a specific "CUSTOM DESIGN" such as Satanic Cult Renderings. But getting an owner to talk, I would assume, would be next to impossible, for he'd surely try to protect the customer's privacy.

But the cops should check every tattoo parlor around the Santa Rosa/Jenner Beach area for evidence of the particular design. As I said, these shops usually have sample renderings of everything they've ever done. So if an investigator goes through them he just might come upon the design in question and possibly related owner bio information.

Marlin Camp .45 Carbine + Satanic Tattoo = person of interest (just guessing, I'd say the killer/killers live in the Santa Rosa/Jenner area and both the murder weapon and the tattoo art are of local origin).
Chuck, Disabled Vietnam Veteran
Southwest, Virginia

PS: It's a shame Virginia Investigator's aren't processing this case. We'd have likely solved it within weeks.

ANSWER: Well done. You have come up with exactly the sort of ideas that a trained investigator would use to rule out and/or broaden the suspect search. I think you are right on the money about the killer or killers involved being local wanderers through the area, and tattoo parlors are certainly a path that the police should investigate. As of yet, the police have not been able to rule out that a Satanic cult was involved, and the case remains an open mystery.

E-mail No. 4

Good for you Kimberly Guilfoyle, new announcer on the "Lineup" at FOX. You had the guts to say that this accuser should GO TO JAIL if it is proven that she was lying about this case. It appears to me, and many people, that she is lying. It was GREAT to hear you say that, and yes, the Duke case appears to be very weak.

ANSWER: Irrespective of appearances, right now it is only prudent to take a wait-and-see approach. However, after all the evidence is in and IF it is determined that she did indeed make false accusations against the Duke lacrosse team members, then she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

— Kimberly

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