Justice for Jessica Lunsford

Justice for Jessica: that is the subject of evening's "Talking Points Memo."

As you may know, 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford (search) was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and murdered. Convicted sex offender John Couey (search) has confessed to the crime.

In the days before Jessica's body was recovered, police visited a trailer close to Jessica's house and asked three people who were living there if they knew anything about the little girl's disappearance. The cops went back to that place three times.

But it wasn't until the third time, after Couey had fled the state, that the three individuals, Dorothy Dixon, Madie Secord and Matthew Dittrich admitted Couey lived in the trailer.

Subsequently, Couey has told the cops he was hiding in that trailer when the police came and the three protected him. Dixon is Couey's half- sister. And the two others know him well. There had to be a reason they didn't mention him to the police.

Initially, those three were charged with a crime, obstructing an officer without violence. But now those charges have been dropped by State Attorney Brad King (search).

"Talking Points" believes that's outrageous and there is something very wrong going on inCitrus County. (search) King will not talk to the media to explain himself. That's another outrage! Surely he owes the people who elected him a full explanation as to why he's not prosecuting those people. Surely he owes Jessica's family that.

This whole thing's a huge mess. There's no question those terrible people should be charged with obstructing justice and perhaps aiding the crime of murder. Even if those people were acquitted, the prosecution should send a message.

Over the weekend, we learned that little Jessica may have been buried alive. And investigators say she might have been alive at the time the police quizzed the people in the trailer.

Now Brad King is a Republican and he has a sterling reputation as a prosecutor. He's not some incompetent guy, but he is shaming himself in this case.

Isn't it interesting that Governor Jeb Bush (search) and the authorities in Florida went to extraordinary lengths to help Terri Schiavo (search) and her family? They were out front in giving her every state protection. But Jessica Lunsford doesn't get that kind of treatment? --Inexcusable.

"Talking Points" urges all fair-minded Americans to demand that Brad King and Governor Bush explain why the state is not charging Dixon, Secord and Dittrich, who according to local cops, are drug-involved people. By the way, the three have apparently moved. --What a shock.

The state of Florida has a terrible reputation when it comes to protecting children. And the Jessica Lunsford case is yet another example of that. These people must be charged. And Americans must get involved.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

The results of our billoreilly.com poll: In light of the fact that Congressman Tom DeLay has paid his wife and daughter about half a million dollars since 2001, we asked you, "Is it wrong for Tom DeLay to pay his wife and daughter with politically donated funds?" Yes or no.

Sixty percent say yes, it is wrong. Forty percent believe it's OK. So the next time you hear some loon say “The Factor” is just watched by conservatives, you can cite that poll. We are watched by independent minded people here.

By the way, the poll is sponsored by EmigrantDirect.com, which is giving away $1,000. You can sign up for that on billoreilly.com. No strings attached. --Could win a grand. To not sign up would be ridiculous.

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