According to our new BillOReilly.com poll, about 70 percent of you have already been hurt by the recession, and I'll submit that the vast majority of you had nothing to do with this economic calamity.

It was caused by corrupt finance people and a federal government that stood by and allowed chaotic lending practices that eventually brought the economy down. Both political parties failed us, and now the pressure is on Barack Obama, who is inheriting a God-awful mess.

But it is the folks who are suffering. Not President Bush, not Congressman Frank, not Senator Dodd. They are fine, even though things collapsed on their watch.

Same thing with guys like our pal Stan O'Neal, former CEO of Merrill Lynch. O'Neal was fired after approving the irresponsible loan scam that ruined his company, but crafty old Stan took home $161 million as he walked out the door. Can you believe it?

Meantime, more than 10 million Americans are currently unemployed, looking for work to feed their families, even as Stan O'Neal lives large in his lavish homes, playing golf in his country club and dining out in expensive restaurants.

Obviously, none of this is fair. None of this is just. But that's how the real world sometimes works.

Enter O.J. Simpson, sentenced Friday to 16 years in prison for a low-level beef starring the gang who couldn't think straight. But does any sane person feel sorry for Simpson? No, because the man got away with murdering his ex-wife and Ron Goldman after a Los Angeles jury delivered a stunning verdict that many believe was racially based. There was no justice that day 13 years ago in L.A.

But things do tend to balance out in the world, although many get hurt waiting for fairness and justice to kick in. That's just the way it is in the eternal struggle between good and evil, right and wrong.

Mature people understand that unfairness and injustice will always be in play. I believe we have to expose and confront those things, but I also know we can't win all the time. Sometimes we just have to grit our teeth and tough it out.

Simpson is through. His life is pretty much over. I'm sure he has no idea what really got him.

It was karma, because what goes around comes around.

Lots of good people are getting hammered in America right now. But if we continue trying to do the right thing in our own lives, continue helping others and standing for justice, chances are there will be better days ahead. I really believe that.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

The saga of Knut continues. Remember the cute baby polar bear the world saw two years ago? Aww. I mean, this bear made an impression, but time always intrudes.

Here's Knut today, weighing about 450 pounds and often very hungry. In fact, he's so huge, the zoo in Berlin can't keep him anymore. Not good news, since Knut's the zoo's biggest attraction.

I tried to figure out some way to make the bear a patriot, but I cannot. However, we wanted to show you the video of the little Knut and the big Knut.

No problem though finding some pinhead behavior. So let's go to the videotape, where Ellen and Brad Pitt were discussing how she could get actor George Clooney on her program.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots."


ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST, "THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW": We need George Clooney. Brad, we've tried everything. I don't — I don't know what...

BRAD PITT, ACTOR: Like what?

DEGENERES: Well, we've sent Victoria's Secret models over. We've sent Miss Americas over. We've sent Kate Hudson over. We've sent gifts. We've decorated his bungalow for Halloween. I don't know what more we can...

PITT: This is your problem.

DEGENERES: What is it?

PITT: Send in — send — get a bunch of Chippendales. Give him some in a thong. He's yours.

DEGENERES: I knew you'd have the answer. All right. We're going to do it, and we're going to say it's from you.

PITT: Make one a blonde.


Pinheads? You make the call.

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