I'm sitting here at my computer, planning Friday's “DaySide” with my producers and I am pondering a few things, in no particular order:

Why do the Democrats (search) and the GOP (search) each spend $100 million on political conventions? Seriously. Why bother? It is merely a show nowadays — no real struggles over the Party platform. And the TV ratings suggest that fewer and fewer people are bothering to watch anymore. More people watched Bill O'Reilly debating Michael Moore (search) Tuesday night than watched Barack Obama, or Teresa Heinz Kerry at the DNC.

Why do the magazines we all see at the grocery store seem to be a battle over who can have a sillier headline with some intimate detail about the starlet du jour? Example: "Cameron talks to 'US Weekly': Justin Didn't Cheat On Me". I must be getting cranky and jaded, but it sure seems like these mags are fighting with each other over what intimate tidbit they can snag to plaster all over their covers.

And back to the conventions. Why, why, why, why... are otherwise normal-looking people putting on dorky hats in that convention hall in Boston? You know they'll do it in NYC too, come August. I just want to know what alien force takes over people and makes them do that. Sigh.

Should you find the answer to these and other questions of the universe, please enlighten me. All words of enlightenment should be e-mailed to: dayside@foxnews.com


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