Just Be Nice

On Valentine's Day (search), you hear a lot about the perfect gift to send that special someone: candy, flowers, dinner. To me, all that's stuff is nice. But here's what's nicer: "being" nice.

How many of us forget just how significant our "significant other" is? How often do we tell them? Compliment them? Praise them?

You know, there's a school of management thought that says, "Be stern. Don't be soft." I think that's bunk. And when those same management geniuses apparently apply the same asinine logic to their private lives, I think it's beyond bunk.

My pal Sean Hannity (search) said it best on his radio show one day when he suggested that the key to a long-lasting relationship is just being nice.

It sounds trite, but treating the one you love the way "you'd" love to be treated.

Most of us would like to be appreciated. Made to feel special. We'd prefer a smile than a snide remark. A laugh than a stinging line.

We all have pressure in our lives. It doesn't cost a penny to be nice. But it's very costly on a relationship when you're not.

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