Jury Hears Testimony About British Teen Who Filmed Herself Trying to Kill Parents

A British girl tried to kill her parents — and filmed her murder attempt — according to testimony presented to a jury on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reported.

The girl, then 15, allegedly tried to strangle her mother in the living room of the family's house in St. Neots, about 57 miles northwest of London, while she was working on the computer.

She also is accused of planning to stab her father with a pair of scissors once he realized what was going on, according to the Mail.

The girl, who is 16, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of attempted murder.

The video shot on Feb. 24 was shown to a jury at Cambridge Crown Court, the newspaper reported.

In it, the girl is sitting in a silk nightgown in her bedroom talking about what she's going to do to her parents. The tape then cuts to the scene downstairs in the living room, where the teen's mother is seen at the computer.

The girl approaches her mother from behind and wraps a cord around her neck, pulling it tight, according to the paper.

Her mother at first thinks she's joking and then protests, "You are strangling me" when her daughter doesn't stop.

Her father, who at the time had been watching rugby on television, manages to avoid a jab from the scissors when he rushes over to help, the Mail reported.

The video was shown on the first day of the trial, which is expected to last through the week.

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