Jury Convicts Mastermind of 'Barbie Bandits' Bank Robbery

A jury on Friday convicted the mastermind behind the so-called "Barbie Bandits" bank robbery.

Michael Darrell Chastang was found guilty of one count of theft by taking. He and three other defendants in the case will be sentenced March 19 for the February 2007 heist.

Authorities say Chastang was behind the robbery and put Ashley Miller and Heather Johnston in touch with the bank teller, who police say was part of the scheme.

Chastang's family and his lawyer, Joseph Shaw, declined comment.

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Miller and Johnston made headlines after they were videotaped wearing sunglasses and laughing as they appeared to steal nearly $11,000 from a Bank of America in Acworth.

Miller testified Thursday during Chastang's trial that stealing money from a bank was "a bad idea" and the "worst decision I ever made." Miller also said she and Chastang were romantically involved.

Johnston, Miller and the teller, Benny Herman Allen III, have pleaded guilty to theft charges and testified against Chastang at his trial.