Jurassic Park, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey are in the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Jurassic Park 3 hasn't even opened yet and they're already talking about making fourth film. That's very wishful thinking, say the people who saw the movie at a preview Monday night in Manhattan. Apparently, it's all action and no plot. But director Joe Johnston says the next one would move things in a new direction - beyond dinosaurs on islands. Those dinosaurs have come a long way since the first Jurassic Park - and Sam Neill jokes that the actors have, too. He says the "acting chips" implanted behind their ears make them act much better. His only regret? His action figure doesn't have as many muscles this time around.

Want great seats for Michael Jackson's Madison Square Garden performances? Better be famous and willing to shell out a lot of dough. Jackson's promoters are asking famous people to pony up more than $50,000 for ten tickets to the show - and the deal includes dinner. Still, the stars are going for it. A spokeswoman for Whitney Houston says "she wants to support Michael." And Yoko Ono says it's important to recognize Jackson for his talent - despite the things he has gone though in his private life of late. But should you still overpay for seats?

Mariah can't carry the one, subtract nine and add much of anything, according to a new Movieline interview. She says Prince called her one time and explained she was getting ripped off by her label. "C'mon, do the math with me," he told her. Carey's response? "Prince, I failed math before Purple Rain came out." But she says she's a good tipper.