Julie Andrews, Angelina Jolie, Chris Tucker and a new old movie in the bright glow of the Foxlight.

Mary Poppins says she will sing again. The star of the new Princess Diaries told Larry King on Tuesday night that the botched operation on her vocal chords will be repaired someday - and her voice will return. She wouldn't diss any of her famous costars from the past, but did say that during Camelot, Richard Burton was so drunk every night that no one thought he would make it to the stage. She also regrets turning down The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - the film that won Maggie Smith an Oscar. Plus, she says there's a place for rap music - it's just not in her house.

Twenty-million dollar man Chris Tucker says he waited for Rush Hour 2 and turned down offers from people like Oliver Stone to make the sequel. He also says that during filming he was the only black man in Hong Kong, and that every Asian thought he was Jackie Chan's bodyguard. He had to keep telling them, "Hey, I'm in the movie, too."

Angelina Jolie isn't pregnant, and doesn't want to be - she says she'd rather adopt. Jolie says she and Billy Bob have "talked a lot" about adopting, but that's all she'll reveal. What better way to show an adoption board you'd be great parents than by comparing self-mutilation lovemaking scars and showing them the vials of each other's blood they carry around.

Finally, how bad is this summer for movies? They're bringing back Spy Kids for another box office run. Congratulations, Hollywood.