As usual "FOX & Friends First" for Friday was co-anchored by myself and Juliet Huddy. And, as usual, Juliet was on top of her game as she gets primed for the weekend.

The shows featured everything form an ungrateful Indonesian (search) vice president asking troops to leave his battered country in three months, to President Bush's pledge to use his diplomatic skills when it comes to talking about terrorists in his next term. For me, talking about Major League Baseball's new plan to attack steroids (search) use in baseball was the highlight, along with the author of the great new book "Red Zone," life outside the Green Zone in Iraq.

Quick point on the steroids: the plan is a big let down. If you think we will be seeing steroid-free baseball in the future, you're not looking close enough at this plan. They do not allow blood tests, so any human growth hormone test is impossible. Their punishment of 10 days, 30 days and 60 days to one year for first, second, third and fourth offenses is a joke. Think about the Olympic testing system and they still have a problem: one failed test, one-year suspension; two failed tests, lifetime ban. You do that and you have a real program. Can't wait for the BALCO trial this spring. Then the heat will really be turned up on the sports BIGGEST stars.

When it came to "FOX & Friends" we had to talk about Prince Harry and his insane costume choice. First, why are royalists having costume parties in the winter? Second, why would you dress like a Nazi, let along a royal Nazi. We posed that question to Duchess Fergie and she was quite upset with the topic, but did answer the question. We think she is great, but to come on the show as a former member of the royal family and not expecting a Harry that question is crazy. She left very upset according to our D.C. bureau.

E.D. did a great job with Congressman Harold Ford, who hinted he would not be happy with Howard Dean as DNC chairman, while admitting he did not agree with all of Ted Kennedy's proposed cure alls for the party.

Next week, we'll be in D.C. for the inaugural. Steve is going live Tuesday through Thursday; E.D. Thursday and Friday and I'll join both on Thursday.

Special thanks again for all of you who went out and got the book "The Games Do Count," it drops to 19 this week — but eight weeks in top 10 is just awesome. Hope to see you in person over the next few weeks: I'll be in Toledo on January 21st; Cleveland on the 22nd; Houston on the 28th; Dallas on the 29th and Jacksonville on February 3rd. Please go to www.briankilmeade.com for more information including ways for me to personalize a signed copy and send it to your home!

Have a great weekend.


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