Judicial Coup d'Etat

This is very important and somewhat repetitive and I'm sorry about that, but again it's very important.

There is a move in the United States to change the country. The ACLU (search) is hooking up with a number of liberal judges to declare things that they don't like as unconstitutional.

Now, a judge can declare anything unconstitutional -- you can interpret the words of the founders in many different ways -- but the will of the people has always been the driving force behind policy in America.

This is changing and here's the best example I can give you. According to a Gallup Poll, 77 percent of Americans do not object to displaying the Ten Commandments in a courtroom.

However, as we know, a federal court has ruled the display unconstitutional. So it is not the will of the people that the judges are concerned about and it's also not prior history, as the Ten Commandments have been displayed in public forums for more than 200 years.

In my upcoming book, Who's Looking Out for You, I provide rock-solid proof that the Founding Fathers wanted spirituality incorporated into public policy -- that is, they wanted a definite morality right and wrong to be considered in policy matters.

Now the ACLU and some judges are hell bent -- pardon the pun -- on changing that and circumventing the will of the people.

Item: the California recall (search). Three liberal judges override the will of 2 million Californians.

Item: the San Francisco homeless initiative. One far-left judge tells citizens their votes about not providing cash to the homeless don't count.

Item: a Massachusetts judge throws out a criminal case against a man caught with two pounds of cocaine because the judge doesn't like the cop who made the arrest -- we'll deal with that story in a few moments.

Item: a liberal federal judge in San Diego says the Boy Scouts (search) are a religious organization and no town can do business with them.

I could give you hundreds of other examples, including judges taking the words "Christmas vacation" off school calendars, even though Christmas is a federal holiday, approved by Congress.

It is obvious, ladies and gentlemen, that we the people are being directly attacked by secularists who want to change this country. They know they can't do it in the voting booth, so they are going to do it using the courts.

This is no less than a potential coup d'etat and you should know about it. Next to the war on terror, this is the most important story the U.S. has seen in decades.

And that's the Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

There's a new book out called the Clinton Presidential Center Cookbook containing 250 recipes. The money earned will go to Bill Clinton's library in Arkansas. There is no truth to the rumor that Marc Rich has purchased 10,000 copies.

Anyway, included are Hillary's chocolate chip cookies, Bill's chicken enchiladas and Monica Lewinsky's… Wait, that's a mistake. There is no Monica recipe in that book.

Sorry, I was being ridiculous.

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