Judge to Hear Dispute on Ownership of JFK 'Sniper's Perch'

A long-running dispute between two men who both claim to own the "sniper's perch" in the JFK assassination returns to court next month.

They both claim ownership of the sixth-floor window from the Texas School Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald hid out to shoot President John F. Kennedy in Dallas.

Caruth Byrd, 67, of Van, Texas, sued 81-year-old Aubrey Mayhew, of Nashville, Tenn. over who owns the "real" window after both had been posted for sale on eBay.

Cach claims his father had removed it years ago, CBS 11 in Dallas/Fort Worth reported.

Byrd claims his father owned the building and removed the window about six weeks after Kennedy's assassination in November 1963.

Mayhew owned the building from 1970 until 1973 and said his father removed it in 1971.

"He took it out of the building to protect it 'cause a lot of the tourists were chipping off pieces here and there," Mayhew told CBS 11.

Mayhew says the elder Byrd removed the wrong window.

Byrd would like to use the window windfall to fund an animal wildlife foundation, CBS 11 reported. Mayhew, meanwhile, told CBS 11 that he put the window up for auction to "let people know that that [other] window that was on eBay was not the window."

Testimony was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, but the hearing was moved to March 16 because Mayhew hired a new attorney.

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