Judge Allows Woman to Annul Marriage After She Discovers Ex-Husband Was Female

A judge will allow a woman to annul her marriage when she discovered after her divorce that her ex-husband was once a woman.

Jennifer Jack met Andrew Mireles when she was 16. She didn't know what to think about Mireles' strange behavior in the bedroom throughout the seven years of their marriage.

But after they divorced, Jack flipped through an old yearbook and noticed a photo of her ex-husband as a female.

Mireles, who is still physically a woman, claims he thought Jack knew his secret years ago. Mireles changed his name legally from Phyllis to Andrew.

The couple are now caught in the middle of a custody fight. They have two children; one was fathered by another man before the marriage, and the other was conceived by artificial insemination.

"He's a convicted felon and has some indiscretions that would put him back in jail if his probation was revoked," said London O'Dowd, Jack's attorney. "That's not the kind of person we want around these children."

"[The children are] in counseling, and we're doing everything we can to get their lives back on track and get their lives back to normal," O'Dowd said.

Mireles claims his ex-wife knew he was a woman.

"We talked about it and discussed, then we decided to stay together," Mireles said. "She decided to stay with me."

Jack denies Mireles' claim.

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