Johnny Depp ready to sail again, Janice Dickinson wants a really rich guy and Will Ferrell and Pixar get powerful in today's Foxlight.

Johnny Depp (search) is definitely "on board" for another "Pirates of the Caribbean." (search) "RRRRRR." So who does he want to play his dad in the sequel? Here are a few hints: He's not an actor, per se. They can't get rolling without him. He has satisfaction issues. And most importantly, he's the man that Depp modeled his character in the film after. The aging rocker Depp wants in the movie? Blood-impaired Rolling Stoner Keith Richards (search). He'll look good in mascara, too.

The New York Post says you can be one in a million and still not impress Janice Dickinson (search). The self-appointed "original supermodel" says millionaires are passe -- "so 90s." So what does the woman who's infamously bedded Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson and Sylvester Stallone want now? She says a billionaire. "Otherwise he's not worth getting out of bed for." You get out of bed, Janice?

Finally, most deserving new addition to Premiere magazine's Power 100 List (search)? Will Ferrell (search). Running naked in "Old School" paid off handsomely -- "Elf" didn't hurt either. Next up, a hilarious looking movie about -- gulp -- TV news anchormen.

And number one on the Premiere list? The very animated folks at Pixar (search) that made -- among other things -- "Finding Nemo."