John Wayne, Ruben Studdard and 'Gigli'

John Wayne, Ruben Studdard and "Gigli" are in The Foxlight.

Did Joseph Stalin want John Wayne dead — and did the Russian dictator send a hit squad to Hollywood in 1951 to whack him?  A new book says so.  And get this: the hitmen masqueraded as FBI agents but were stopped by some real G-Men and — and then asked for asylum.  Sound like a movie?  It isn't, but it should be.

So Ruben Studdard thinks the little clothing company in Alabama owes him some of the profits from those "205" shirts?  They've made a couple million bucks and he's suddenly singing the blues.  Why does the Foxlight think this the work of some of his new "friends" — also known as his handlers?

Finally, here's the last official time I'll ever mention "Gigli" — I think. Can we all forget it?  It made even less money than the dismal initial estimates.  There, the last dig.