The Democrats control neither house of Congress, which means they cannot have a congressional investigation into Karl Rove (search).

That means they can't state a Soviet-style show trial.

So what can they do?

Hold news conferences demanding this and that.

Thursday's chapter in that sad saga of sanctimonious blather was the news conference held by Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer and former ambassador, and current CIA husband, Joe Wilson (search). They want Rove fired or his security clearance taken away. Something.

Wilson is running around outraged because Karl Rove supposedly outed his wife as a CIA agent, even though a lot of people think if she was going to a desk job at Langley — as she had been for six years — she was no longer covert by definition, and was well known to opposition spooks.

But, whatever.

Fact is, Joe Wilson has been on a partisan political jihad ever since George W. Bush affronted Wilson by saying Saddam wanted nuke bomb material when Wilson had already gone on the record saying no he didn't.

That's what it comes down to. Wilson is mad Bush didn't listen to him.

It appears Wilson is mad half the country didn't listen to him and re-elected George Bush anyway.

Wilson announced early on he wanted to see if he could get Karl Rove frog marched out of the White House.

Now the Dems think they can do just that because they think they have a promise from Bush to fire anybody who outed Valerie Plame (search). What if Joe Wilson outed her first in his book? Is Rove still on the hook?

I know there's a bunch of you who think I don't take this seriously enough.

I get these e-mails, "it's treason to reveal the identity of a CIA officer." Yeah, I know.

But what about a CIA officer who tries to sabotage a president by sending a political opponent out to tank a secret mission crucial to a war decision?

I ask again: Do you really want CIA spy masters pulling strings behind the scenes to subvert a decision an elected politician is making openly and in public?

Oh right, you do want just that if you are opposed to the politician who was elected and is going to make a decision the about war you hate.

Good. As long as we've got that straight, the rest of us can make an informed judgment.

That's My Word.

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