Jodie Foster Needs to Get in Touch With Reality

In a recent interview with Associated Press, Jodie Foster, plugs her new flick, "The Brave One," where she plays a chick who turns vigilante after she and her boyfriend are brutally attacked by thugs.

In the movie, she buys a gun and kills bad people and then flies away on a pretty unicorn. Okay, I made up that last part. But here's what got me: She's talking about New York and says:

"Post 9/11 is such a different beast. It's the safest big city in the world. There's a cop on every corner. And why is it that we're on Orange Alert? Why is it that we're a quarter-inch away from this rage and fear that has no basis in reality?"

No basis in reality?

Now, I'm confused. Didn't we just mark the sixth anniversary of an event in which terrorists flew planes into buildings and killed thousands?

No basis in reality?

Didn't we just foil more than a few plots, all designed to take many more lives?

I'm sorry, but Jodie Foster's thinking has "no basis in reality." How odd is it that she would be more inclined to plug a movie about revenge than grapple with a very real fear of terrorism. I suppose we should be more concerned with the disappearing leaf-tailed gecko or the pig-nosed turtle. But enough about Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.

The fact is, Hollywood can't bear to think about the real threats. Modern Hollywood loves ambiguity. It's why no film offers any moral direction. The good guys can be bad, and the bad guys are almost always misunderstood.


I just wish Jodie Foster would meet a nice guy and settle down!

And that's my gut feeling.

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