Job Searching While Still On The Job

One of the big don'ts in searching for a new job is insulting your most recent employer.

That holds true when in interviews with a potential new employer and when conducting your job search. It's in poor taste to openly search for a new job while at work, which can lead to other repercussions if your employer wasn't aware you are looking to leave.

Take advantage of private moments to pursue your job search. The Wall Street Journal reports that many employees who can telecommute make good use of the days they work from home. If possible, schedule interviews for your days off. Lunch breaks also offer a clear opportunity to search for a new job.

Keep it quiet. Don't talk to co-workers about your job search. Gossip spreads quickly.

Assume your employer monitors what you do at work. Don't use your work telephone, computer account, fax machine or e-mail to conduct your job search. Use a cell phone to field interview calls, and just step away from your desk to somewhere private should you receive a call at work.

Sign up for a free personal e-mail account to send résumés and other job search correspondence. Even searching job banks at work can backfire, if a co-worker -- or even your boss -- drops by unexpectedly.

Make an effort to dress nicely at work more often, especially if your fancy interview clothing has drawn attention. Wear a nice suit one or two times a week. That way, your dress clothes will attract less notice when you actually do have an interview. You might also leave your nice clothes in your car and make a stop to change.