"JFK Reloaded," the Video Game

Tuesday on “DaySide” you saw us discussing a new video game just being released this week called "JFK Reloaded" (search) — it allows players to assassinate the President, getting points for accuracy in shooting him in the head. Players can even see blood by pressing a "blood effects" button. Furthermore, if you go to the game's website, you're invited to compete for a prize. "So concentrate and think like a sniper," the site says. This is certainly not the most violent video game for sale to your kids these days, but it certainly is the first that allows you to assassinate a President.

The makers of "JFK Reloaded," a Scottish company called Traffic Games (search), defend this product, saying, "The only thing we're exploiting is new technology." Traffic Games claims this product is merely an effort to demonstrate that a lone gunman killed JFK (search).

Do you accept that explanation? If not, what do you think should be done about this game and the others like "Grand Theft Auto"? Drop me an email at: dayside@foxnews.com.

Tomorrow on “DaySide” we'll keep tracking the controversy over the 9/11 legislation, plus have some pre-Thanksgiving surprises. (Hint: Think turkey in a bottle.)

Also, as we remember that many military personnel will not get to spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones, we'll have some ideas for you if you want to reach out to them.

See you on the air!


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