Jesus Is Big Business

On this Good Friday holy day for Christians around the world, there's an amazing amount of complaining about this whole Jesus phenomenon going on in this world.

Jesus is big business. Some say "too" big business. Not me.

Some think "The Passion of the Christ" (search) went too far. I say it didn't go far enough.

They say it's tacky for whole church groups to see such a violent film. I say it's tacky for them not to.

They bemoan too many Jesus specials. I say, we need more specials.

They hate the tchotchkes being sold from the movie. I welcome those tchotchkes, no matter who's profiting from the movie.

They don't like rosary beads. I have no problem with rosary beads.

They don't like Nativity scenes. I have no problem with nativity scenes.

They'd prefer to secularize our world. I have no problem reminding folks to never forget god in our world.

They think it's cool to be godless. I think it's godless to be soulless.

I'm not here to preach to you. I am here to remind you. If Hollywood can sell us "Kill Bill," I have no problem reminding them of a time folks clamored to "Kill Jesus."

You don't have to see him as a savior, or a saint. Maybe you'd prefer prophet, or just decent man. But I have no problem celebrating his decent teachings.

Some say a movie's helped make him big again. I tend to think he made the movie big to remind us again.

There's a lot that divides us. Sometimes, it's good to know that there are bigger things -- better things -- than us.

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