Jessica Simpson’s Bouncy Blues: What Causes the Starlet to Squirm While Dripping Sweat? | Jenna Dewan On the Sexiest Time of the Day & Her 'Embarrassing' Attempt to Film Love Scenes | Ramon Rodriguez Almost Killed On NY Subway

Jessica Simpson’s Bouncy Blues: What Causes The Starlet To Squirm While Dripping Sweat?

While Jessica Simpson’s fluctuating weight has made headlines for some time now, the image of the slender starlet in her "Daisy Duke" denim short shorts will never be forgotten -- although it turns out that Simpson is not a fan of bending and bouncing to tone that trademark tush.

"Jessica really hates squats and jumping -- any type of jumping she’s not on board with," her longtime trainer Mike Alexander (who was the man responsible for Simpson’s "Daisy Duke" bangin’ body) revealed to Pop Tarts. "But she loves reverse lunges because it really isolates her glutes and her hamstrings."

And if there is one thing Simpson excels at it is whipping into tip-top shape at tip-top speed, so how can you follow in her footsteps to go from flab to fab in just a few weeks?

"Squats and lunges are great butt exercises because you can use your own body weight and do several varieties of them. It’s the one thing that clients don’t enjoy because it’s not easy when done right, you’re working all the muscles in your legs which is far away from your heart so your heart is pumping like crazy so it elevates your heart rate and takes it out of you but its worth it in the end," Alexander advised. "Cardio is also really important when working on a short time frame and don’t focus too much on mid-section. Women tend to do this because its showing in a bikini but then neglect other parts which are just as important aesthetically-speaking. If you work your stomach too much you can build up the muscles in your abdominals and it can then appear dissented."

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And when Miss Simpson slims down, she skips the salt.

"Cutting back on sodium is key -- so foods like tortilla chips, soda, soup, pretzels and processed meats. Also drink a lot of water but balance it out, you don’t want to drink so much that its showing," Alexander added. "And get a tan, having a darker skin tone increases your muscle definition."

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A svelte Simpson was spotted in the Big Apple on Monday afternoon where she is reportedly on a business venture pitching her reality show concept "The Price Of Beauty" to an array of networks. But could Simpson’s slim down and smile have a lot to do with being a happy aunt?

"Bronx put both of his hands on my face today ... so precious ... made me cry," the 28-year-old twittered on the weekend.

Jenna Dewan on the Sexiest Time of the Day & Her 'Embarrassing' Attempt to Film Love Scenes

In her real life, Jenna Dewan is getting ready to tie-the-knot with her "Step Up to the Streets" co-star Channing Tatum, but when it comes to getting intimate in her reel life the 28-year-old admitted that she becomes a giggling little girl.

"Embarrassing is when you get the giddy laughing fit at like 3 a.m. and they're on a budget and a time limit and they're looking at you like, ‘Jenna get it together!’," Dewan told Tarts at the recent MTV Movie Awards. "It’s really embarrassing, often I literally can't stop laughing."

So while acting out intimacy isn’t exactly Dewan’s forte, she feels much more comfortable splashing around with her other half.

"I feel sexiest at night just after a bath when I’m about to go to bed -- something about that hour of the day," she added. "Channing and I are also big fans of lounging around, hiking and we have a lot of barbecues. We just like to chill and do nothing."

Ramon Rodriguez Almost Killed On NY Subway

Ramon Rodriguez just made an action-packed film about corrupting the New York subway system, but the young actor is lucky enough to be alive after a "joke" went horribly wrong.

"I used to literally walk in the tunnels of the train growing up in the lower eastside as a kid. We’d walk through the tracks," Rodriguez told Tarts at last week’s "The Taking of Pelham 123" premiere in Los Angeles.

"One time a friend of mine literally pushed me on the train while the doors were closing and my foot got stuck. The train started to move. Somebody had to pull the emergency brake and that’s the only reason why I’m here. I freaked out and I couldn’t believe my friend did that to me, it was a crazy, wild experience for sure."

And although John Travolta didn’t show up to the premiere, co-star Denzel Washington insisted he is doing as well as can be expected.

"John and I had a great time together. He’s a wonderful actor and even better human being and we talked a couple of weeks ago for a long time," Washington said. "He’s doing as well as can be expected, he and his wife."