Jennifer Lopez, Robert Blake and Joey Fatone in the hazy memory glare of the Foxlight.

How good an actress is Jennifer Lopez? She starred in the 1995 film Money Train with Robert Blake. So the day after his arrest I decided to ask her if he'll be able to get a fair shake. She was in town promoting her new movie Enough. Check out this performance:

McCuddy: Can Robert Blake get a fair trial?

Lopez: I'm sorry what?

McCuddy: Can Robert Blake get a fair trial?

Lopez: What?

McCuddy: Well just tell me your memory of him from Money Train?

Lopez: Robert Blake?

McCuddy: Yes, arrested last night.

Lopez: Oh gosh, I didn't know.

Uh-huh. Forget her new movie, she should get an Oscar for that performance. J-"Slo" says she was working on a video until two in the morning and had no idea. It was 3:30 in the afternoon the next day when I spoke with her. And I didn't wake her out of a sound sleep. She'd been talking to people all day. For the record, she says she has no comment on the Baretta star. Well just say that. Not this, "Oh gosh, I didn't know."

Speaking of bad acting remember On The Line with N' Sync's Joey Fatone? Neither does anyone else, but that hasn't stopped him from acting. He warns the New York Post that there's another film coming out. In this one he's a sleazy Vegas lounge lizard.

And his costar is another guy who needs work, but can act. The artist formerly known as Mr. Kim Basinger Alec Baldwin. Did you know that J-lo?

"Oh gosh, I didn't know."