A funny guy that J-Lo doesn't find so amusing, Eminem and Robin Williams in the warm leftover lamp glare of The Foxlight.

He calls himself "G-Lo," but comedian George Lopez isn't making Jennifer Lopez laugh. Ads for his new sitcom The George Lopez Show had him in her famous green Grammy dress and claimed she was a member of the family. She's not. And her image was pulled from the funny billboards.

Meanwhile, the Lopez with a sense of humor says the biggest Latino star on TV before he came along was the Taco Bell dog. He also says he's part of an average American family that just has really good tans.

Jerry Lewis may be a genius over there, but one Frenchman doesn't think much of Eminem. He's being sued by a 67-year-old French composer who claims the rap star didn't curse him, but stole some of his music for "Kill You." The song talks about killing women. Among the lines in the song is this lyrical gem: "I'm ready to play, I got the machete from O.J." And the French guy wants credit for that?

Finally, the most aptly named movie of the year: Death to Smoochy was dead on arrival. Just over four million bucks and seventh place in its opening weekend. Sorry Mork.