Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Letterman and Lily Tomlin in the harsh whatever happened to her glare of The Foxlight.

How will Jennifer Lopez look in a French maid's outfit?  We're gonna find out.  Will it be green chiffon?  She stars in a new romantic comedy called The Chambermaid, which sounds like Pretty Woman with turn down mints.  She's working in a fancy New York hotel and gets romantically involved with a well known politician staying at the hotel.  No, not Clinton.  It's Ralph Fiennes. Nice to see him working in quality since The English Patient.

Cher was back on David Letterman on Wednesday night and once again she tried to put him on the spot.  When he asked who she was dating, the now blonde tressed one got the host a little stressed.  She asked him why he hasn't married his girlfriend. Letterman pointed to other show biz wedding-aholics like Liz Taylor and Larry King and said he didn't want to get in that habit.

Finally, whatever happened to Lily Tomlin?  Well they probably won't ask her that when they introduce her this week at the Aspen Comedy Festival.  She's getting a special award.  Not for her recent cameo in Orange County I hope. 

And that's the always lively world of celebrity comebacks we shine in the whatever happened to me glare of The Foxlight.