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Jennifer Aniston Mortified By Chelsea Handler's Dig At Her Romance With John Mayer

It was Jennifer Aniston’s night to shine as she received Women in Film’s prestigious Crystal Award for expanding the role of women in the entertainment industry on Friday evening.

For a change the stunning actress, who looked particularly pleasing in a form-forming Prada strapless dress, was in the spotlight for her professional life rather than her personal life.

But how does Aniston feel about being the most talked about starlet in Tinseltown?

"I'm really not bothered by it. They aren't talking to me," she told Tarts before the sit-down dinner, adding that she takes time "everyday" to be thankful for her life and career.

But even despite her success (at least when it comes to her "reel" life), it's comforting to know that even the Jennifer Aniston struggles to see herself on the silver screen.

"I have to be self-critical," she added."I think it’s good to sort of go, ‘Well yeah don’t do that next time’ or ‘not a great choice.’ You’ve always got to keep trying things but sometimes not everything’s going to work."

Speaking of criticism, Aniston got quite the surprise during the show when host Chelsea Handler decided to raise the issue of her ruptured romance in front of the star-studded audience.

"You also stopped expanding the visibility of John Mayer, and we all thank you for that," Handler joked, motivating Aniston to bury her head in her hands followed by a look of embarrassed disbelief.

But all in good humor, the 40-year-old took aim at her own lousy love life while accepting the honor.

"I'm trying to be more careful than I have been in the past about the titles of movies that I choose to be in. It's funny -- I kind of noticed something a couple years ago that there seemed to be this strange parallel to the movies I was doing and my life off screen," Aniston explained. "It started with 'The Good Girl,'" she explained. "Then that evolved into 'Rumor Has It,' followed by 'Derailed,' and then there was 'The Break-Up.' And then on the lighter side was 'Friends with Money,' which I felt was a bit on the nose. So if any of you have a project titled 'Everlasting Love with an Adult, Stable Male …'"

Chelsea Handler Reveals 'Fat' Past, Mark Wahlberg Excited to be Tom Brady’s Neighbor

Chelsea Handler certainly has one of the most toned and defined bodies in the biz, but the E! comedian insisted she wasn’t always so svelte.

"I was ugly," Handler told Tarts at last weekend’s Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles. "I used to be fat and chunky and all those things."

Handler also scored herself some unintentional press recently as Tori Spelling brought up the fact that the TV personality continues to call her "ugly and stupid" while accepting a Bravo Award. However, Handler vowed to tone her nastiness down.

"I’m going to stop making fun of her, it’s not her fault that she looks like that," Handler quipped.

And even though the buzz about town has all been about Zac Efron’s cameo in the HBO hit "Entourage," the show’s producer Mark Wahlberg was more pumped about having his hometown hero on the set.

"I shot an episode this season with Tom Brady, who is not only a friend but I’m a huge fan of his," Wahlberg said. "He actually is building a house right up the street -- I almost bought a house right next door just so he could throw passes to my son! But I’ll still come over and visit him."

Shannon Elizabeth Defends 'Terrorist' Misconception

Texan-born Shannon Elizabeth comes from Arabic ancestry and she wants to set one pretty predominant misconception straight.

"When a lot of Americans think Arabic, they think Saddam Hussein and automatically they think terrorist," Elizabeth told Tarts at the recent Palm Pre Launch party in Hollywood. "But it’s not the case, especially American born. I'm very proud of my heritage and my family and I think there are a lot of different denominations of Arabic. My dad wasn't raised Muslim and I know some people that were that are amazing."

But on an even more important note, the DWTS alum plans to strip for "Playboy" again at some point in the future when the "time is right" and she feels "in the right shape" and thinks Americans need to loosen up when it comes to embrace their sexuality.

"I think there are a lot of things here that we're strict about that they're not as strict about in other countries, and I prefer to live and let live! You don't have to be so strict about everything," Elizabeth added.

Pop Tarts Scene & Herd

Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson, Ed Begley Jr., John Lithgow and Peter Fonda at West Hollywood's Pacific Design Center for the premiere of their new Woody Allen flick "Whatever Works" on Monday night. David was however very upset by the many males who failed to show their respect and wear a tux to the star-studded event.

Kanye West singing "I've got a feeling" on the red carpet as he walked in with Fergie at the Target and Black Eyed Peas launch of their Exclusive Deluxe Version of The E.N.D at the Griffin in New York City on Tuesday night. West was later spotted livin' it up with Rihanna.

Eva Longoria Parker making a surprise appearance at Wendy's at Selma, Texas on Thursday to kick-off their annual "Father's Day Frosty Weekend" which benefits the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The starlet was overheard talking about she and Tony plan to adopt oneday and being a former Wendy's employee, Longoria went behind the counter and took orders from all the customers -- even remembering how to work the cash-register.

Bob Dylan and Jack Nicholson making a surprise appearance (after the Lakers game ofcourse) at AFI's dinner to present Michael Douglas with a lifetime achievement award in Los Angeles on Thursday evening. Douglas was flanked by wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, father Kirk, Hugh Hefner (and his three leading ladies) as well as Melanie Griffith, Jesse McCartney, Matthew McConaughey, Annette Bening and Warren Beatty.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Sheryl Crowe and Mary Fanaro hosting the OmniPeace T-shirt launch at STK in Los Angeles on Thursday night in an effort to "Stamp out Violence" in the Congo. Jen arrived first, alone, and stuck to Court and her hubby David Arquette most of the night before later chatting to Demi Moore and Nicole Ritchie. All the celebs grabbed postcards off the table that were already addressed to President Obama and were working on filling them out to push for Obama to aid relief for the Congo.

Paula Abdul dining on a mixed baby greens salad with Scott Zeiger of BASE Entertainment at Planet Hollywood's Strip House in Las Vegas on Thursday night. The "Idol" judge was later spotted backstage at the Venetian with Wayne Brady after watching his show "Making It Up."

Julianne Moore showing her support for Gigi Levangie Grazer at a party to celebrate the release of her fourth novel, "Queen Takes King" at Mr. Chow Tribeca on Thursday night. Moore joked "I could have been Gracie Pollock!" (the role Debra Messing played in "The Starter Wife" television show based on the character, Gracie Pollock, in the book.)

Jeremy Piven downing an omelet with an attractive blonde at East Village's The Smith restaurant on Thursday morning, prior to making a court appearance to deal with arbitration over his defection from the Broadway play, "Speed The Plow."

Christian Ronaldo staying in a Palms Place Penthouse in Sin City over the weekend, sans new hookup Paris Hilton. The soccer sensation hit up the Playboy Club and Nove Italiano on Saturday and hung out by the Palms Place pool (shirtless) with his male posse on Sunday.

Rock band Third Eye Blind playing for a crowd of more than 3,500 at the Friday Night Live concert series at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino pool.

Selena Gomez joining her Hollywood elders such as Heather Locklear (who looked amazing!), Jennifer Aniston, Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Blythe Danner, Jenny McCarthy, Amber Valletta and Dania Ramirez at Women in Film's 2009 Crystal + Lucy Awards in Los Angeles on Friday evening. While the ladies all enjoyed a night of fine Jacobs Creek wine, Gomez (for once) acted her age and refrained.

Gisele Bundchen shopping with a gal pal in New York's West Village on Saturday afternoon, even downing a burger at Five Guys where she was reportedly super friendly to the excited servers.

John Mayer drinking Corzo (straight from the bottle) at Hollywood hotspot MyHouse on Saturday night before getting up to sing his classic "Your Body is a Wonderland" at the DJ booth, followed by his rendition of Rihanna's "Live Your Life." Also at the club enjoying Mayer's impromptu performance was Chris Evans -- celebrating his 28th birthday with friends including Lauren Conrad, Kyle Howard, Oliver Martinez, Joanna Garcia and Jesse Bradford.

Jaime Foxx and an entourage of friends at a corner table inside the hut at West Hollywood's SkyBar on Saturday night. The DJ threw on "Blame it on the Alcohol" and the crowd went crazy, prompting Foxx to get up on the couch and sing along to his hit (while ironically only drinking water). The notorious party boy kept the party going until the lights came on.