Waitress Scheana Marie hit headlines this past week as the new leading lady in John Mayer’s life, and it turns out that the two actually met last year at the club she was working at when Mayer celebrated his birthday with then-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston.

"I walked her (Jennifer) to the bathroom and she told me how pretty I was, she said I had such beautiful eyes, she was so sweet," Scheana told Young Hollywood’s Michelle Maree.

Hmmm, we wonder if Aniston still thinks the brunette beauty is so pretty.

But when it comes to the romantic status of Mayer and Marie, she’s playing coy.

"He came back into the club and we talked. We were both going thru a break-up at the same time, Marie added. "He’s not my boyfriend, however you want to take that. I’ll leave it to the imagination. I love his personality, I just love that he’s funny. He can be such a dork. He’s very considerate of other people."

She was also quick dispel Star magazine’s quote that she said the singer is "amazing in bed" but only responded with a nervous smile when asked if she really had gone all the way.

"I feel that’s a personal question I don’t need to answer," she added. "But there are so many rumors. I have a show coming out on the Disney channel with the Jonas Brothers. I don’t need people calling me a media whore."

Right, so you’re talking to more reporters??!