Jealous Gisele? Bundchen Digs Claws In, Can't Keep Hands & Lips Off Tom Brady | Lohan Gets Food Poisoning? | Zac Efron Was a 'Nerd' and Matthew Perry Was a 'Moron'

Jealous Gisele? Bundchen Digs Claws In, Can't Keep Hands & Lips Off Tom Brady

Gisele Bundchen recently tied-the-knot (twice) with Patriot Tom Brady, but could the blue-eyed beauty still be suffering a little case of the green-eyed monster?

The newlyweds hit up SVEDKA Vodka’s Spring Fling Event on the Rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City on Saturday evening, and according to insiders Bundchen was acting particularly possessive of her Brady. At one point a female fan asked if she could have photo taken with the NFL star, but the world’s highest-paid supermodel hastily interjected and said "Tom doesn’t really like to take pictures."

"She wouldn’t let him out-of-her-sight," said an eyewitness. "She was protective; she clung to him for the entire party."

Well, it sounds as though she did more then just cling to him as the normally uber-professional pair surprised partygoers with their steamy PDA.

"They couldn't keep their hands off of each-other, full-on making out for much of the party only coming up for air to hit the dance floor. It got a bit uncomfortable," added our insider. "The only other guy Gisele would dance with was celebrity hair stylist Harry Josh who was hosting the party."

But Brady and Bundchen weren’t the only genetically-blessed duo to get intimate at the affair. We’re also told Orlando Bloom and VS "Angel" Miranda Kerr expressed their emotions by dirty dancing and making eyes at each-other, seemingly oblivious to the group of other partygoers surrounding them.

Speaking of fellow party peeps, Bloom’s former flame Kate Bosworth also attended (at a separate time) in addition to Ed Norton, Ashley Olsen, Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler and Molly Sims.

Lohan Gets Food Poisoning?

With an acting career a little on the well, low side, one would think Lindsay Lohan would be super excited to promote her business endeavors -- but it seems the 22-year-old was far from cooperative when it came making an appearance at her own launch party for her new spray tan Sevin Nyne at Santa Monica’s Sephora on Thursday night.

Lohan arrived super late to the cocktail-timed affair and according to eyewitnesses, wouldn’t get out of her car which remained parked in the alleyway behind for quite some time. We aren’t too sure what she was so worried about -- there were literally hundreds of security guards and police shooing away the paps and keeping a close eye on the store for the private VIP party. (There were also signs requesting that nobody take pics inside and advising that Lohan wasn’t doing interviews).

However, once the super slim starlet did make her way inside she acted surprisingly professional and even managed to crack a few smiles. And when it comes to her latest tanning product, she actually does have something to smile about. Sevin Nyne is streak-free, smells good and best of all there is no need to soak up the sun’s cancerous rays.

"This is awkward," Lohan told the crowd once on-stage to officially launch the line, explaining that she was late as she had just flown back from her vacation in Maui and missed her flight due to food-poisoning (however her rep did not respond for comment). "But I enjoyed it in Hawaii; I never really take time for myself."

But we did hear Lilo spent a good portion of her vacation texting away madly to her former lover, Samantha Ronson and a pal told Tarts that the two still spend hours every day talking and texting thru their relationship woes.

Zac Efron Was a 'Nerd' and Matthew Perry Was a 'Moron'

He’s the hottest young male star of the current generation, but Zac Efron admitted to Pop Tarts that just a few years ago he wasn’t exactly pin-up potential.

"I was probably the coolest of the nerds," Efron said at the recent "17 Again" premiere in Hollywood. "So I was somewhere right in the middle." (Meanwhile co-star Matthew Perry said that he was just one big "moron" back in his high school days).

But there is nothing average about the acting/singing/dancing sensation who said that if he was just a wee bit older his love interest in the film, 37-year-old Leslie Mann, would make the perfect wife.

"She’s beautiful, but the most amazing thing about Leslie is that she’s just a very interesting person," Efron said. "She has a fantastic sense of humor. I can imagine conversation would never get old."

For the record, there was no shortage of marriage offers as literally hundreds of screaming young ladies lined the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard with their "Marry Me Zac!" shirts and signs.

"That’s always crazy but I have a really loyal fan base, so I’m just honored and thrilled," he said in response.

Awww, what a gentleman. So where does the 21-year-old see himself in ten years time?

"I have absolutely no idea. Right now the good plan would be to stick to my guns and grow and develop into an actor, but things change," Efron added.